Minutes October 2023



In Attendance   -              Cllr Sardeson

                                                Cllr Ott

                                                Cllr Copsey

                                                Cllr Clarke

                                                Cllr Nightingale

Also in Attendance -       NKDC Cllr Lundgren

             NKDC Cllr Turner

                                       Lincolnshire County Council Cllr Carrington

1.         Chairman opened meeting by welcoming Cllr Paul Turner whom we were meeting for the first time.

2.         Apologies received from Cllr Giles.

3.         No declaration of interest to report.

4.         Draft notes from meeting of 25th September 2023 approved as Minutes.

5.         Reports from outside bodies –

    a.     The Police.uk site provides figures for August and though they show nothing to report in Potterhanworth specifically, the figures for August in the NK district as

            a whole numbered 57, predominantly Heighington and Metheringham, significantly up on the previous month.

    b.     County Council

            Cllr Carrington has provided his report and this is attached.  He arrived late as he was attending the Parish Meeting in Blankney where they were discussing the

            planning for a huge Anaerobic Digester on the old RAF Metheringham site.  He will report more on this as information comes available.

    c.      District Council

            NK District Cllr Lundgren spoke of his disappointment with the flooding we have had this last week and declared it as showing the effect of the lack of investment in

            our area.  The question was asked as to how we are able to hold the Environmental Agency and the Internal Drainage Board to account for the issues that led to so

            much devastation throughout Washingborough, Heighington and Branston.

            Cllr Lundgren then went on to talk about the ongoing Tourism Strategy and Cllrs Clarke and Nightingale suggested that the link from the NK website should go on to

            the Spotted site as they were sure a lot of people would have something to say about the loss of the Christmas market and the Waddington air show at the very least.

    d.     With regard to another survey with a link again available on the NK website that is investigating the scale of deprivation in our rural communities; conversation was had

            as to how funding could be targeted when so much of the problem is simply an issue with the back log of work that Council tenants are waiting for, and resolving these 

            issues would hugely decrease what the tenants are paying in heating bills.

6.         There were no parties bringing anything to the attention of the Cllrs in Open Forum.

7.         Matters from previous minutes still outstanding -

    a.     Attendees for tomorrows Engagement Session numbers 8.  Nigel will attend to support Martin. 

    b.     Cllr Copsey reported that she still had to speak to Amanda regarding financial help to run the Scouts and that a grant request would need to be submitted to the PC.          SC

    c.     It was requested of the Clerk that the Grant funding information should be sent out to interested parties.                                                                                                           LB

    d.     Pavilion wi-fi investigation is still ongoing.  The Beer Festival Committee will discuss at Wednesday’s meeting how much they are prepared to put towards the

            cost of installing.  Cllr Copsey to report back.                                                                                                                                                                                                        SC

    e.     Potter on the move Pt 2 – this area was looked at during the Village Walk.  It was agreed that resurfacing the Tennis Court and replacing the net and fence is a

            priority. With regard to the other facilities, it was agreed that the areas in Branston, Washingborough and Heighington that provide similar facilities should be looked at.       MO

            Cllr Ott will investigate.

    f.      Cllr Copsey informed that she had met with 2 people who can quote for a free-standing Pergola and that, having looked at the costings, we will be using Karl Butler

            for the wood.

    g.     Chair informed he was still working on getting the Solar Panel account up and running smoothly and is working on getting export readings.                                                    NS

8.         Financial Matters –

    a.     The issue with the TSB was explained to Cllrs by Chair who, as the only Signatory at the moment is the only person who can speak with TSB

            on behalf of the PC.

    b.     Clerk passed round a list of outstanding amounts, and if all goes to plan these will all be paid prior to meeting at end of November.

    c.     It was agreed that we would continue with Continental for the time being, at least till contract runs out March 2025, however, PC require a grass cutting map. 

            We looked at their quote for hedge and Orchard cutting.  Chair will request they do and end of year orchard cut but not the hedges.  We need a rough terrain

            mower for the Orchard then we can do that ourselves in future.  Need to find another way of getting the hedges cut. 

9.         Correspondence

    a.     Following correspondence from the school, Cllr Nightingale has said she will speak to the Landlord of the Chequers regarding use of the car park.                                        KN

    b.     The email from Citizens Advice was looked at.  We were informed by Cllr Lundgren that every PC in the NK area had been approached this month.  However,

            he informed that CA already receive grants from District.

    c.     Cllr Copsey informed that the Hot Pot starts again on 10th November at the Pavilion.

10.       Planning Matters – Nothing to report regarding the tree in Church Lane.

11.       Monthly Risk Assessment

            Clerk asked to find Risk Assessment forms as we need a plan in place to resolve the slippery surface of the skate park.                                                                                 LB

12.       Dates – Next Parish Council Meeting 27th November 2023.


Report from Cllr. Ian Carrington – Lincolnshire County Council & North Kesteven District Council

I’ve spent a lot of time in wellingtons and waterproofs recently, doing what I can for those affected by the flooding. Nearly 2 months’ rain in 24 hours will always be a challenge, and in Heighington that was compounded by ground water flooding problems. A home being flooded is utterly soul destroying – and the effects go on for many months. Other parts of my patch have also been affected, but thankfully not so badly as Heighington.

I’ve paid public tribute to the incredible work done by staff from LCC, NKDC, Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue and the police, not to mention the unsung heroes of the internal drainage boards whose pumps are running 24/7 to clear biblical volumes of water. And let’s also remember the many individuals and community organisations who stepped in to help out. LCC alone dealt with over 600 incidents in just the first four days, and across the county more than 200 households and businesses have been flooded out.

Lincolnshire County Council is the Lead Local Flood Authority and already has an investigation under way, and I will do everything I can to make sure lessons are learned. I’m particularly keen to see greater involvement of community organisations like parish councils, and to pre-position things like sandbags. And to help premises which we know will be vulnerable to protect and prepare.

As I write (more than a week after Storm Babet hit) there are still households pumping out and farmers’ fields under water. We can’t master mother nature, but we must redouble our efforts to mitigate her impacts and deal with environmental change. After flooding If there is one thing worse than being flooded it is the clean-up afterwards.

There is guidance from the Government on how to safely disinfect and clean up at home after flood water. This is important as flood water can contain bacteria, chemicals and sewage: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/floods-how-toclean-up-your-home-safely/floods-cleaning-your-home-safely

Gardens and lawns should be left to allow the UV rays in sunlight to destroy bacteria. The time it takes for bacterial contamination to return to normal levels will depend on the season and soil type but the maximum time to return to usual levels is one month. Avoid working in the garden because disturbing the soil can prolong the process. Children and pets shouldn’t be allowed onto the affected areas. Paths and driveways should be washed down and disinfected. Garden or allotment-grown food contaminated by wastewater should not be consumed.

The Lincolnshire Resilience Forum is a useful resource to point residents to and contains some good information on: - What to do after before, during and after a flood. - How to stay prepared at home, including what to consider in a ‘flood kit’ should you need to leave your property quickly in future.

A personal flood plan is downloadable from the LRF website. These are generally some good tips for after a flood: https://www.lincolnshireresilienceforum.org/risks/river-surface-flooding Residents can also sign up for flood warning alerts here: https://www.gov.uk/sign-upfor-flood-warnings.

Climate change – climate action

Whilst recent weather has of course just been weather, the pattern of more frequent and severe weather events is exactly what scientists say climate change will bring. So, I was very proud to help propose a motion at North Kesteven District Council recommitting the Council to our Climate Change Action Plan. This is delivering real change across the district – and every step is timed, costed, budgeted and passes the key tests of being practical and achievable. We’ve already won awards for our work (such as for our net zero eco homes), and I’m absolutely committed to delivering real action that won’t break the bank and will deliver serious change for the better. Find out more at Climate emergency strategy and action plan | North Kesteven District Council (n-kesteven.gov.uk) National recognition for the County culture team LCC’s culture team’s hard work has raised the national profile of our heritage sites. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life has gained the Sandford Award in recognition of its outstanding learning programme for schools, colleges and universities. This latest recognition builds on LCC’s previous Sandford Award successes at Lincoln Museum and Lincoln Castle. For more information visit investigatelearning.com.

And Lincoln Castle has received Visit England’s Gold Award for being one of the best visitor attractions in the country. The accolades are designed to celebrate visitor attraction excellence and showcase those that go the extra mile to provide a highquality day out. Lincoln Castle is one of only four venues in the whole of the East Midlands to receive the gold award this year.


Road repairs have continued in my area, with various potholes being repaired and faulty lights replaced. A major scheme on Harmston Hill completed on time and on budget despite atrocious wet weather. Ironically this has provided much improved drainage capacity on the hill to prevent water flowing onto neighbouring land, and as part of the project a completely new pedestrian footway has been installed.

As ever, if you see anything which needs attention, please report it via https://www.fixmystreet.com or the LCC website at https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/faults-maintenance.

Highways funding

The County Council doesn’t get its fair share of Government money for roads, especially for rural road repairs. But highways were the Number 1 concern from residents when I stood for election, and that hasn’t changed. So, I strongly support our decision to allocate £7 million of underspend from last year’s budget to roads. At a recent council meeting some opposition members sought to spread the cash across between seven different functions, using as their example some children’s services which in fact are already fully funded. I respect their opinion but disagree. So, I voted to put the cash into highways, and the £7 million now makes over £20 million extra to improve roads, footways and cycleways and do quality repairs. Five thousand miles of road in Lincolnshire makes for a big challenge, but it’s one I’m determined to do my bit to help meet.

Rural business grant

The Rural Business Grant supports rural businesses to invest in sustainable growth. It’s part of the Government’s Levelling Up program and is administered by North Kesteven District Council.

Applications are currently open – the minimum grant is £5,000 and match funding is required. If you think you – or someone you know – might benefit, you can find more details here: Rural England Prosperity Fund business grant | North Kesteven District Council (n-kesteven.gov.uk)

Business advice

And for business advice and assistance (for small or large businesses, rural or urban) see Business NK – North Kesteven | The place to invest | The place to grow and sign up to the free business NK newsletter.

Lincolnshire County Council also has a business advice service – see details at Business advice service – Lincolnshire County Council and there’s further help at the Business Lincolnshire website www.businesslincolnshire.com

Consultation on school’s admission policy

Lincolnshire County Council is carrying out a consultation on a change to its school admissions policy for 2025-26 for local authority-maintained schools. The consultation runs from 20 October to 1 December. For further information and to take part, visit www.letstalk.lincolnshire.gov.uk/school-admissions-2

Cllr IAN CARRINGTON Potterhanworth & Coleby Division, LCC Chairman,

Environment & Economy Overview and Scrutiny Committee, LCC Heighington, Washingborough & Canwick Ward,

NKDC Executive Member for Housing and Deputy Leader,

NKDC Email: cllri.carrington@lincolnshire.gov.uk

Email: cllr_ian_carrington@n-kesteven.gov.uk

Facebook: Councillor Ian Carrington

X (Formerly Twitter): @CllrCarrington