Minutes extraordinary meeting December 2020

Thursday 10 December 2020, 7:00pm remotely via Zoom, due to Covid 19 Pandemic

1. Attendance and Apologies

Present: Cllr Sardeson -Chairman, Cllr Watson -Vice Chairman, Cllr Foster, Cllr Ott, Cllr Clarke, Cllr Battle, Mrs Riggall -Clerk, Mr Spence -RFO

Also in attendance: Cllr Lundgren -NKDC, Cllr Cucksey -NKDC, 7 members of the public 

2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Cllr Battle declared a pecuniary interest in planning application 20/1536/VARCON

3. Introduction by Chairman

Cllr Sardeson gave an introduction explaining the meeting being set to discuss planning application 20/1536/VARCON -Hanworth Country Park Station Road Potterhanworth Lincoln Lincolnshire LN4 2DX -Application to vary Conditions 3 & 4 of 17/1818/FUL (change of use to form a caravan, camping and glamping site with associated works) to exclude the 28 day occupation and permanent residency restrictions for static caravans.

4. Public Open Forum (Limited to 20 minutes)

A member of the public explained that they had objected to the original plans and spoke at the original meeting. At the time concern was raised regarding tourism crossing the line into development in the open countryside. Concerns are now being raised that this could eventuate into development beyond the villages control. Another member of the public stated that they would like to object to this application, as they did for the original application. It was pointed out that the Country Park has had a positive impact but would not be suitable for permanent residency. There is concern that the owners of the caravans could sub-let them, making it difficult to keep a log of who is staying.

5. Planning Applications received since last meeting

20/1536/VARCON. Hanworth County Park. Variation of conditions 3&4. To excuse 28-day residency and permanent residency restriction

Cllr Lundgren explained that he could not give his own opinion on the planning application, listening to comments he reiterated the need to consider planning policies. LP55 refers to development in Hamlets and the Countryside does not include caravans except for tourism. LP7 was also referenced. Cllr Ott referred to the Nocton & Potterhanworth Neighbourhood Plan including catchwords such as maintaining rural residencies and buildings not supported outside settlement boundaries. Cllr Watson pointed out that the original planning application in 2017 specifically referred to the Neighbourhood Plan. LP7 refers to development of an existing leisure facility. Cllr Foster agreed with others comments but added that the owner may be trying to make the business sustainable by diversifying. Questions were raised regarding whether it would be up to the owners to buy caravans to put on the site. There have been several applications relating to Hanworth Country Park, concerns were raised regarding how many further applications may still be to come. Cllr Lundgren highlighted that only this particular application can currently be considered. It may be beneficial to open a discussion with the owner if more information is sought. Cllr Cucksey reiterated that he could not give his own opinion, but explained that the conditions were in place and a justifiable reason would need to be given in order for them to be removed. A member of the public added that this is a leisure facility not a commercial facility. Cllr Sardeson highlighted that concerns were raised that static caravans should not be allowed in the initial application. Concerns were raised with regards to the plans to keep a list of who is staying, it may not be possible to maintain the list especially if there is no time limit on their stay. Concern was again raised regarding sub-letting of the caravans. A member of the public added that this system works successfully at other sites elsewhere and suggested that they are rarely used as permanent accommodation, they also added that a site manager should be able to monitor the situation. Another member of the public added that the 28-day limit was clear and had been set by NKDC.

The Parish Council then took a vote on the application. All 5 councillors who were available and able to vote objected to this application.

 6. Dates

Next meetings: 2021 – 25th January, 22nd February, 29th March, 26th April, 24th May, 28th June, 26th July

                                                Annual Parish Meeting Date TBD due to Corvid 19