Minutes July 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 27th July 2020

at 7:00pm remotely via Zoom, due to Covid 19 Pandemic




1.Attendance and Apologies


Cllr Orton –Chairman                                        

Cllr Sardeson -Vice Chairman                           

Cllr Foster                                                                                              

Cllr Watson

Cllr Clarke

Mrs A Riggall – Clerk


Cllr Oxby

Cllr Burns

Also in attendance:     Cllr Lundgren – NKDC

                                        Cllr Cucksey – NKDC                                    

2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

NKDC Matters:

Cllr Cucksey: Please see attached Appendix 1.


Cllr Lundgren: Updates should now be received by Parish Councils from NKDC on a regular basis. The Director of Resources spoke during the Audit committee stating that providing services has remained a challenge during the current time but all are able to continue. Officers are working from home but are now able to undertake site visits. There have been proposals for Lincolnshire to become a unitary authority, which would mean the loss of District Councils.  The issue of planning proposals has arisen, specifically the need for consistency of planning decisions.


Cllr Watson spoke of the issue of fly tipping and restrictions on access to recycling centres. Cllr Lundgren highlighted the issue with both private and commercial fly tipping. County Councillors can be contacted and encouraged to open recycling centres. District Councils are not responsible for opening centres but are responsible for picking up any fly tipping. All fly tipping should be reported and if evidence can be found for who did it, NKDC will take action.


Police Crime Report

Police website has not been updated since last month.


3. Public Open Forum


4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 29th June 2020 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the notes of Summary of Decisions sent on 29th June 2020 are approved as a correct record and will be signed by the Chairman.


6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

  • Speed limit signs. Cllr Foster will establish how many are needed, the Clerk will then place an order.
  • Annual litter pick. The clerk will make arrangements for 10am on Saturday 5th September at the school.
  • Moveable speed sign. Cllr Foster will contact Ady Hollidge for more information.
  • Stiles on footpaths. Cllr Sardeson will give LCC contact details to Cllr Foster.
  • Bus shelter grant. No updates at present
  • School safety zone. No updates at present. The clerk will contact LCC again for a progress update. Cllr Watson will also contact Cllr Oxby.
  • Play park repairs. The quote was agreed by the Councillors and Waldemar Belcynski, from Lincs Garden Services has been notified. He is hoping to start the work shortly. Cllr Clarke highlighted some issues with the wooden play equipment, Cllr Orton will look at this. The park is now reopened, signs have been added stating that the area is not cleaned and advice given to social distance.
  • Defibrillator update. Cllr Orton has been struggling to find an electrician. Once quotes have been received and an electrician found this will be located at no. 23 The Park.
  • Football pitch drainage. Cllr Foster and Cllr Orton have met with the football team and the grounds person from Pottergate golf club. The groundsperson recommended regular cutting and weeding, he also recommended purchasing a Parish Council lawnmower.
  • Grass cutting at The Park and around War Memorial -5 cuts remaining. The Clerk explained The Park had been cut on Friday 24th July, but the centre of the Village had not been cut. Mr Belcynski will be asked to cut the remaining areas.
  • Christmas lights. Cllr Foster will drop off the lights at the Pavilion. The Clerk will make arrangements for PAT testing of the Pavilion.
  • Hedgerows around playpark. Awaiting availability of Stuart Watt.
  • EMAS defibrillator on bus shelter. The clerk has received a quote from E.on, but will go back to E.on for further information. EMAS have an electrician available but the work needs to be done by E.on. Suggestions were made into other locations in the centre of the village. Cllr Sardeson will contact the school regarding potential electricity supply.
  • Policies. LALC have been consulted, the Policies are needed and can be taken from the LALC website but do not need to be approved by Councillors. These will be updated and added as an agenda item then reviewed every 2 years unless the Clerk has been notified of any necessary changes before this time.
  • Broadband for Potterhanworth Booths. Cllr Foster will look further into this.
  • Asset of Community Value. Cllr Watson is planning to submit this in August.
  • Parish Councillor Vacancy. The vacancy can now be advertised with a closing date of 17th August. The Responsible Financial Officer position has now been filled, Bob Spence will commence work 1st August for 2 hours per week.



Correspondence Received


  • email received regarding exercise classes on the playing field. The clerk has contacted LALC clerk forum for advice. This was discussed with the Councillors and all agreed that use of municipal spaces should be encouraged. The person in question has their own insurance and will observe social distancing. The Councillors approve of this taking place and the Clerk will notify them.
  • email received regarding Potterhanworth Parish Council comment on planning application off Barff Road. Councillors discussed the email and Cllr Lundgren explained that the decision is made by NKDC, Potterhanworth PC is purely a consultee.
  • Email received regarding the limited availability at recycling centres. Cllr Watson has received a response from Cllr Oxby explaining that the current plan is for centres to remain limited until Christmas, but will now look further into this.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth          


20/0339/HOUS. Leander, Moor Lane. Erection of double garage. This was discussed by the Councillors and all approved of the application 


Planning Decision Notices

20/0582/HOUS. 31 The Park. Single storey link extension. Approved


9. Monthly Risk Assessment


Cllr Orton explained that a Risk Assessment document has been created in preparation for the reopening of the Pavilion.

Cllr Lundgren explained that this new agenda item should be used to highlight any potential risks that may arise before or during the meeting, they can then be added to a Risk register which will include who is responsible for actioning. The clerk will contact other Parish Clerks for a template. Parish Councillors agreed to undertake a village walk on Saturday 3rd October at 2pm.


10. Pavilion Committee Update

The Pavilion is still currently closed, but a Risk Assessment has been produced. Access will be limited, especially use of toilet facilities. Hand sanitisers and antibacterial spray have been added. Covid-19 awareness signage has been added. Individuals hiring the building will be responsible for ensuring guidance is followed.

18. Finance


July 2020

All Payments total = £1,776.77

Balance total = £21,279.76

NS & I balance = £13,067.05


19. Dates

  • Date of next meeting:  28th September 2020. To be decided whether this will be in person or remotely.
  • Annual Meeting of the Parish: Due to Covid-19 this has been delayed until further notice.



B/F and from meeting held on 27th July 2020



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Speed signs –Cllr Foster will consider how many are needed. Clerk will then place order

Cllr Foster & Clerk




Annual litter pick -Clerk will make arrangements for 5th September





Moveable speed sign -Cllr Foster to contact Ady Watson

Cllr Foster




Stiles on Footpaths -Cllr Sardeson to give LCC contact information to Cllr Foster

Cllr Sardeson & Cllr Foster




Bus Shelter Grant – Cllr Oxby will make further enquires





School Safety Zone – Clerk and Cllr Watson will make further enquiries





Defibrillator – Cllr Orton to find 3 electricians for quotes

Cllr Orton




Football pitch drainage and levelling – Cllr Foster to meet grounds person at Golf course

Cllr Foster




Hedgerows around Playpark -Cllr Orton to arrange with Stuart Watt

Cllr Orton




EMAS defibrillator on bus shelter -Clerk to contact E.on. Cllr Sardeson to contact school regarding potential electricity supply

Clerk & Cllr Sardeson




Policies -Clerk to add all policies as agenda item to future meeting





Broadband for Potterhanworth Booths -Cllr Foster to look further into options

Cllr Foster




Asset of Community Value -renewal due October 2020

Cllr Watson




Village walk -Arranged for 2pm Saturday 3rd October






Mrs Andrea Riggall      10 August 2020

Appendix 1. Cllr Cucksey. LCC report July 2020

July District Report - Potterhanworth Parish Council

The latest financial position?

* A forecast Deficit reported to Executive Board of £2.2million for the 2020/21 Financial Year, how this deficit is the be funded is yet to be agreed.

* Government recently announced a third tranche of grant funding (mitigating the impact of lost Fees and Charges) precise details awaiting.

The Council has received £1.2million from the two rounds of Government support issued to date. We do not know at this stage what we are likely to receive in the third tranche. On what we have received so far, we estimate that this is likely to be between £300k and£600k. The support won’t be calculated on an individual income stream basis but on an overall loss to the Councils Fees and Charges income.


Latest on Council Tax collection and the level of Council Tax Support


* The amount collected to date in 2020/21 is 28.68% compared to 29.59% for 2019/20, which is 0.91% less. However, a number Council Taxpayers have looked to delay payments until the end of the financial year.

* Approximately £170,000 has been paid in additional support. This is against additional grant received of £515,000. It is expected that the full grant allocation will be required with the current economic climate. Should things deteriorate or a second wave occur, the request for support is likely to be significantly higher than awarded.


Latest Business Rates and Grants for businesses

* Government has awarded an additional £8million in Business Reliefs for local businesses; Therefore, current collection rate is holding up as many of the smaller local businesses no longer have to pay business rates for 2020/21.

* Payments made to local businesses under the Government small business grant scheme total £20,040,000.

* Payments made to local business under the discretionary business grants scheme - £1,050,000.

What has the impact on the pandemic been on the amount of reserves the Council has?

At this stage the impact has been mainly in the General Fund. As the Council has committed itself to meet any remaining deficit through reserves, then it will be some time before we know the actual position and what the impact might be. The report considered by the Executive Board recently indicated that early projections expect that the final deficit will be within the current balance of the Income Volatility Reserve so should this be the case, only this reserve will be affected.

The Executive Board recently held a virtual ‘Away Day’ (MS Teams) when discussions took place on a number of topics.

The areas covered included:

* Policy Settings

* Community Strategy

* Transformation Plan

* Economy / Business Connect

* General Fund

* The long term financial outlook (10 years)

* £200million Capital Programme

* Housing Revenue Account - 30 year viability

NK Plan

Over the past few years, the NK Plan has focused on the main challenges related to the local economy, housing, communities and environment. It has established an integrated approach to housing need, infrastructure delivery, job creation and economic development within the theme of sustainable growth, and linked financial planning and service delivery to the theme of transformation. While these areas are likely to remain important, the unprecedented challenge posed by the global Covid-19 pandemic may add an additional element to the 2021-24 edition. Not least is the enforced shift to an “agile by default” position for the Council’s services and employees. This change represents a rapid and fundamental shift that, managed appropriately, may offer enduring benefits to service users and the wider District. It is vital that all parties involved in the plan’s development consider this challenge as the Plan is developed.