Minutes October 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 26th October 2020

at 7:00pm remotely via Zoom, due to Covid 19 Pandemic




1.Attendance and Apologies


Cllr Sardeson - Chairman                                 

Cllr Watson -Vice Chairman                             

Cllr Clarke

Cllr Ott

Mrs A Riggall – Clerk

Mr B Spence – Responsible Financial Officer (RFO)


Cllr Oxby

Cllr Foster

Also in attendance:     Cllr Lundgren – NKDC

                                        Cllr Cucksey – NKDC

                                        1 member of the public                                    

1a. Acceptance of office

All Councillors present agreed for Cllr Sardeson to become Chairman and Cllr Watson to become Vice Chairman of Potterhanworth Parish Council

2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

Police website has not been updated since last month.


LCC Matters:

Cllr Oxby: Please see attached Appendix 1.

Email also received from Cllr Oxby regarding one amendment to the report, the County’s bid for Devolution has not been successful this time round.


NKDC Matters


Cllr Cucksey: Please see attached Appendix 2.


Cllr Lundgren: Began by congratulating Councillor Sardeson and Councillor Watson on becoming Chairman and Vice-chairman. Concerns have been raised in other areas of NKDC regarding local policing. The number of PCSOs and PCs has dropped to 3 in total, with 2 currently being off on long term absence, resulting in the whole area only being covered by 1 PCSO. Cllr Watson has sent an email to the Police Commissioner to highlight the concerns of Potterhanworth Parish Council. Cllr Lundgren has received a definitive map of defibrillators in the area and Potterhanworth is only showing the unit on the bus shelter. The Clerk will contact EMAS to ensure the defibrillator on the Pavilion is registered. With regards to planning, it has been noted that 4 applications have been refused in the past 4 weeks. NKDC’s tree strategy has been put out for consultation. More fly tipping has been reported, if residents are concerned please contact Cllr Lundgren, who will be happy to report this. Free school meals have been in the news recently, Branston has a small charity which raises money in order to provide this. If any families are struggling the Branston Covid support group have a food bank and are prepared to help people in Potterhanworth.

Cllr Clarke raised the question of people isolating in Potterhanworth who may require help. It was suggested Potterhanworth should be linked to the Branston scheme for food bank purposes. The Potterhanworth group will be reinvigorated. The Chairman will make further enquiries.

3. Public Open Forum



4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 28th September 2020 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the notes of Summary of Decisions sent on 28th September 2020 are approved as a correct record and will be signed by the Chairman.


6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

  • Pavilion defibrillator. Clerk confirmed that a new battery has been purchased and installed. There is now an issue with the unit requiring a service. The clerk has tried to make contact with EMAS and the manufacturer. This unit is 7 years old and may not still be covered by warranty. Cllr Clarke has been looking into this and has offered to check the unit on a monthly basis once in order.
  • Community policing reduced capacity. Cllr Watson has emailed Police crime commissioner but has not received a response as yet.
  • Bus shelter grant. The Clerk has heard that LCC are looking into an alternative but no further information has been received as yet.
  • School safety zone. The Clerk has tried to contact LCC as it has almost been 2 years since this work was approved but has not received a response. The Clerk will contact Cllr Oxby and Cllr Sardeson will contact highways to raise this issue again.
  • Park Defibrillator update. Keith Orton has been in contact with the electrician and will fit when time is available. A nominal payment needs to be agreed for the resident
  • Football pitch drainage. Cllr Foster was not available to comment.
  • Policies and new website. The clerk is currently working on a new Parish website and the updated policies will be incorporated into this work. Cllr Watson has offered assistance.
  • Broadband for Potterhanworth Booths. Cllr Foster was not available to comment.
  • Asset of Community Value. Cllr Watson confirmed that this has been approved and reinstated for 5 years.
  • Remembrance Day wreath and presence at service. RFO has purchased wreath and Cllr Sardeson will contact Revd Lorna Brabin-Smith
  • Pavilion cleaner. Keith Orton explained that the Pavilion is being used and due to Covid, it is essential to clean between each use. If the current situation deteriorates it may be necessary to look again at the Governments job support scheme.
  • Village walk. Took place on Saturday 17th October. Cllr Foster, Cllr Clarke, Cllr Sardeson, Cllr Ott and the Clerk attended. Several matters were raised including the need for noticeboards at the bus shelter and The Park to be repaired and updated.  Benches may need to be painted and the playpark painting is still to be finished. One goal post will need to be replaced or repaired. Oak tree at edge of playing field to be trimmed. Several hazards and holes were noted along footways and roads. Parishioner spoke regarding concerns about step outside house on Cross Street. Relevant matters have been raised with Highways dept at LCC.
  • The position between the Pavilion Committee and the Parish Council was raised during the village walk. This was discussed further along with how this relationship could be formalised. It was agreed that a meeting should be arranged to discuss this further.


Correspondence Received


  • email received from Parishioner concerning traffic and hazardous parking around school. Cllr Sardeson has been in contact with the school. Clerk will continue to raise the school safety zone with LCC.
  • Mr Holmes has been in contact to inform the Council that the War Memorial lights have been adjusted to reflect GMT.
  • The clerk has been in contact with electoral services at NKDC with regards to the Parish Councillor vacancy. This position can now be advertised as a co-option vacancy.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth          


19/1753/FUL. Red House Farm. Plot 6. Variations to conditions 2 & 10. This application was discussed, and no final comment was made.

20/1310/FUL. Hanworth Park. Retrospective planning for Sheppard’s Hut for holistic use. Councillors discussed this application and the impact of applications received from Hanworth Park on the local environment. This application was approved by a majority of the Councillors but concern was raised regarding the possibility of other further such applications.


Planning Decision Notices


20/0829/FUL. Land North of The Park -Refused

20/1007/FUL. Hanworth Park. Caravan storage -Refused

20/1136/FUL. Plot 5, Red House Farm -Refused

20/0698/FUL. Plot Adj Conifers, Barff Road -Refused


9. Monthly Risk Assessment


One of the parts of the wooden trim trail is broken, this has been removed and Lincs Garden Services will repair when possible.


10. Pavilion Committee Update

Keith Orton reported that the Pavilion continues to be used following safety guidelines. Enquiries are still being made including a possible spinning class. The link on the net at the tennis court is broken, Cllr Sardeson has offered assistance to repair.

No update received on Solar Panels, Clerk to chase.

18. Finance


October 2020

All Payments total = £1530.95

Balance total = £15,755.74

NS & I balance = £13,067.05


The setting of next years budget was discussed and a date for meeting to discuss this will be arranged at the next meeting.

Money was set aside within the current years budget for a further defibrillator, to be placed at Moor Lane end of Potterhanworth. The Clerk will contact NKDC regarding the possibility of including this in the planned housing development.


19. Dates

  • Date of next meeting:  30th November 2020 via Zoom
  • Annual Meeting of the Parish: Due to Covid-19 this has been delayed until further notice.



B/F and from meeting held on 26th October 2020



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Covid 19 community response group -looking at link to Branston group and location of parish mobile

Cllr Sardeson & Clerk




Pavilion Defibrillator -Clerk to chase up unit manufacturer. Clerk to check unit is registered with EMAS





School Safety Zone – Clerk and Cllr Sardeson will make further enquiries

Clerk & Cllr Sardeson




The Park Defibrillator – Keith Orton to arrange suitable time with electrician. Nominal payment to be agreed for resident

Keith Orton




Development of new website and increased social media presence. Policies to be incorporated into this

Clerk, Cllr Clarke & Cllr Watson




Meeting to discuss position between Parish Council and Pavilion committee





Promote Parish Councillor vacancy





Solar Farm panels -contact provider





Defibrillator for Moor Lane -contact NKDC





Pavilion cleaner -assess required hours and look at job support scheme if necessary

Cllr Sardeson & RFO





Mrs Andrea Riggall      02 November 2020

Appendix 1. Cllr Oxby. LCC report October 2020

Coronavirus is on the increase here in Lincolnshire with 34 schools reporting positive results. Our near neighbour's, Nottinghamshire reporting dramatic increases as well. Work has begun on a new testing site at the University of Lincoln. Testing both students and the general public.

Lincolnshire could be reunited again, devolution for Lincolnshire is again on the agenda. Martin Vickers MP for Cleethorpes says there has been progress on talks to create a 'Greater Lincolnshire' together with North Yorkshire.

A new tourism commission group has been set up to help the tourism sector affected by the covid 19 situation both here in Lincolnshire and Rutland.

East Midlands councils including Lincolnshire are launching a project called a' Place to Call Home' to find 40 foster homes for young refugees.

The council has suspended its flue injection program for now due to the great demand by staff. Currently it is monitoring the situation and as and when stocks are available again the program should resume.

The Collection Museums Wildlife Photography Competition 2020 is now underway. Visitors will be able to see both local and national amateur photography.

The Southern-by-Pass, the missing link will be the next step to complete Lincoln's ring road, although no timescale has been set, plans are progressing well. The Easter-by-pass is progressing well. Work on both the Greetwell bridge over the Lincoln to Market Rasen railway line and the viaduct over the River Witham are having their finishing touches completed during the next two months. Kerbing, electrics, drainage and other infrastructure continues along the whole stretch of the by-pass.

Appendix 2. Cllr Cucksey. NKDC report October 2020

The Council’s Annual Report 2019/20 was approved at a recent meeting of the Executive Board. The report contains information regarding the financial performance of the General Fund, Housing Revenue Account and Capital Programmes for the financial year 2019/20 and the report is available on the corporate website.

Investigations are undertaken into switching our leisure facilities to a

certified 100% renewable electricity tariff and into a solution to tackle emissions from gas consumption for heating at our leisure and culture facilities.

The Climate Emergency Strategy and Action Plan has been approved for public consultation.

In view of the Council’s continued commitment to promote cycling (and other sustainable transport measures) in line with the NK Plan and the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, the 2018 North Kesteven Cycling Strategy has been refreshed to take account of the current national and local policy position, as well as new opportunities to promote cycling.

The Councils decision to declare a Climate Emergency in July 2019, it was agreed that NKDC should produce a Tree Strategy. The strategy brief was both to explore how trees and green infrastructure could contribute to the organisation’s efforts to tackle climate change, and to support fulfilment of the Council’s ‘Our Environment’ corporate priority and its related ambitions to ”conserve” and improve NK’s heritage and natural environment.

The NK draft tree strategy was approved and will be will be subject to a six-week period of public consultation. The purpose of the consultation is to seek comments from stakeholders including our residents and businesses, Town and Parish Councils, and partners to gauge public opinion on the Strategy’s direction and and action plan, and to look for opportunities for enhancement and improvement

Business Rates income has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, initially as a result of the measures introduced by Government to assist businesses through this period. As a consequence, the net Business Rates due for the year has dropped from £28,880,424 to £20,830,889. To compensate the Council for the loss of its share of Business Rates Income, the Government has awarded £3,071,888 in additional section 31 grants. At this stage, the General Fund projected deficit is not included within the reserves position - the funding of the shortfall will be determined following confirmation of the level of Government support being provided.

The projected 2020/21 deficit position for the General Fund is £1,624,200.

The Executive Board at their meeting recently agreed for public consultation of the Localised Council Tax Support Scheme and the exceptional hardship fund (EHF) of £20,000 made available during 2020/21 to continued into 2021/22 with the fund reviewed on a regular basis.