Minutes November 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 25th November 2019

at 7.00pm, Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth




1.Attendance and Apologies


Cllr Bourne – Chairman                                              

Cllr Orton – Vice-chairman                                        

Cllr Foster                                                                                      

Cllr Watson

Mrs J Bourne – exiting Clerk

Mrs A Riggall - Clerk


Cllr Burns

Cllr Hollidge 

Cllr Sardeson     

Also in attendance:     Cllr Oxby - LCC

                                    Cllr Lundgren - NKDC

                                    Cllr Cucksey - NKDC

                                    1 member of the public

2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

The police report from 28th October – 23rd November.  1 crime reported on 3rd November, criminal damage, partridges killed by dogs, dog owner has been identified and action is pending.


LCC Matters

Cllr Oxby: Last year LCC, in partnership with East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS), invested £400,000 in a falls service. This has helped over 700 people to avoid hospital admissions. A further £350,000 will now be added to boost the service.

It has been 20 years since the introduction of co-responding between Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue alongside Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Services (LIVES) and EMAS. Originally there were 2 stations, there are now 26 across Lincolnshire.

A new business park will be created in Skegness with an investment of £2.398 million, with a further £1.279 million next year.

There has been a Council Tax fraud review in the county, looking at 75,000 properties claiming council tax for single person occupancy, of these 3,441 have been identified has having more people living at the property. Their discounts have been taken and steps have been taken to reclaim the money.

Trading standards have called on tyre dealers to ensure tyres are legal. Unsafe car repairs have been reported and a dealer has now been fined.

Lincoln bypass has had steel beams lifted into place over the River Witham and Sincil drain. The pedestrian flyover at Hawthorn Road has now been put into place, this has been made wider in case the bypass is made a dual carriageway at a later date. Earth works, curbing and street lights are near to completion at Greetwell Road. The roundabout on the B1190 (Washingborough Road) will be started early 2020. The road between Heighington and Canwick may possibly be delayed to 31st January, but will hopefully reopen 20th December, this is dependent on weather conditions.

Highway contracts will conclude March 2020, recommendation to award leading bids taken by Highways and Transportation committee, prior to executive committee on 1st October. Highway works have been approved to Balfour Beatty group Ltd, Traffic signals to Colas Ltd and Professional services to WSP UK Ltd. These contracts will begin 1st April 2020.

NKDC Matters:                     

Cllr. Lundgren: Began by commenting that flooding under the bridge has now gone. There are now issues with the road which leads from Moor Lane past the Golf course and under the other railway bridge, this road was used as a diversion but due to the volume of traffic has caused significant damage and the road is still currently closed.

North Kesteven District Council are currently running an annual household online survey which finishes 31st January, which relates to the services provided by NKDC. Any gaps in services can then be identified and addressed. Information has been passed to Clerk for distribution.


Cllr. Cucksey: Financial resources continue to be a challenging situation. Council tax collection slightly down until end July compared to last year but expect to see an improvement by end November. Council tax support campaign available to enable tax payers to see what they are entitled to.

Business rates up slightly in July at 0.58% and should improve slightly by end November.

Issues with ATMs continue, a court case has looked at what local authorities should be charging businesses for ATMs on their premises. This may cost District council up to £250,000 to pay back companies where a charge has previously been taken, situation is ongoing.

NKDC hope to see good results from Fair Funding review, but announcement will not be made until just prior to Christmas.

The Chairman asked Councillor Oxby if there have been any further developments on the current road closure from Moor Lane and under the railway bridge. Cllr Oxby will make further enquiries.

3. Public Open Forum

Mr Holmes confirmed that the Christmas tree has been erected and decorated with the help of Stuart Watt and Mike Dixon. The Chairman thanked Mr Holmes for his assistance and commented on how nice the tree looked.

4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 28 October 2019 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 28th October 2019 be approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.



6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

  • Lawnmower belts have been purchased but not yet fitted by Cllr Orton.
  • Bus shelter grant.  The grant has been refused due to safety reasons, this is due to the stop being hail and stop rather than a formal bus stop, this may also be due to access to the shelter. No accidents are known to have occurred due to buses stopping at this location. Cllr Lundgren commented that there were similar problems with approval for a bus shelter at Branston Booths, after 2 years an alternative location was agreed.  Cllr Orton suggested that a letter from Cllr Hollidge in his official position may be beneficial. Cllr Bourne added that if anyone would like to raise any further points they can be submitted to the Clerk. A letter appealing this decision will then be submitted.  
  • TSB forms have been submitted but nothing received back as yet.
  • Exposed pipe at oil tank.  Mr Ing has offered to remedy this and has ideas, but not yet fixed.  Cllr Orton will check.
  • Play park committee. Cllr Foster has met and discussed with Emma Brown, plans have been made to form a committee. Information will follow in The Grapevine. Cllr Bourne suggested this information could also be added to the Spotted Potterhanworth Facebook page.
  • Play park repairs. Several parts of the main climbing frame have been rubbed down, but this has not yet been finished due to the weather therefore Mr Johnson who offered to paint has not yet been contacted. This matter is ongoing and may need to be delayed until after Christmas and the weather improves.
  • Third defibrillator. This is most likely to be positioned in The Park. Clerk will contact Western Power regarding electricity cost. Following the next budget meeting in January there may be the possibility of a fourth defibrillator for the village next year.
  • Gardener. A self-employed gardener, Waldemar Belczynski of Lincs. Garden Services has been recruited and has started work on the Memorial garden and is willing to undertake any other jobs that need doing. He will weed the planters at the edge of the village. Volunteers will continue to water these planters. Mr Watt has also agreed to cut the hedges around the playing field.
  • Clerk. Following the application process Andrea Riggall has been recruited.
  • Cllr Orton has now finished erecting dog mess signs around the village.



Correspondence Received.


  • Flood update. There is no longer flooding under the bridge, this is due the pipes being cleared of clay and soil. They will return in the future to survey with an underground camera. There are plans for precautionary works to prevent silt going into the drainage system. This should be the responsibility of a third party, but these works have been completed under powers granted under the Highways Act. This will be added to February’s agenda to ensure it is added to the remedial works list.
  • Flood warnings have been issued for the village, but thankfully no flooding has been reported. Cllr Orton commented on the amount of water on the playing field.
  • Wicksteed play park inspection due. The clerk is usually given 8 weeks advance warning. This will be booked in shortly. Cllr Orton enquired as to whether this could be delayed but it was explained that it is a legal requirement. The cost of £90 covers both the skateboard park and the play park.
  • Church Carol Service.  To be held Sunday 15th December at 4:00pm.  Cllr Watson offered to do the reading.

8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth

No new planning applications received

Decision Notices

19/1266/HOUS.  11 The Park.  2 storey back extension.  APPROVED

19/1229/FUL.  Hanworth Lakes.  Container and fence.  APPROVED                                  

9. Pavilion Committee update

The pavilion building continues to work well. Cllr Orton and Mr Holmes have received 3 quotes for new metal benches, with quotes varying from £950 to £1800 for two benches. Wooden benches would cost less but would not last as long. Cllr Foster queried whether this should be delayed until works have been completed on the play park. It was stated that the Pavilion committee would be able fund this.

The beer festival committee have agreed to pay rates for all the village organisations that meet in the Pavilion.

10. Finance



Cllr Bourne has purchased a solid-state hard drive for the Parish Council laptop with a total cost of £57. The new Clerk will be able to access Office 365 with complimentary access from other job.

November 2019

All Payments total = £1,598.56

Balance total = £11,689.81

NS & I balance = £12,884.56


Cllr Bourne added that Jackie Bourne has been completing the Clerk duties for previous 2 weeks and has now started the hand over to Andrea Riggall.  Cllr Bourne suggested that Jackie should be paid wages up until 18 November, with the full monthly Clerk’s wages being split between 2 people. All present agreed with this decision.

11. Dates

  • Date of next meeting:  27th January 2020
  • Budget meeting:  Wednesday 8th January at 7pm.
  • Play park repairs and paint work: no date yet, awaiting improvement in weather




B/F and from meeting held on 25th November 2019



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Lawn Mower – to fit new belts 

Cllr Orton




Bus Shelter Grant – Chairman and Cllr Hollidge to discuss email response to Grant decision





School Safety Zone – awaiting start date





Cleaner – contract to be signed





Play park committee – to form committee with Emma Brown

Cllr. Foster




Play park repairs/paint - awaiting improvement in weather





TSB forms - check for response





Oil tank pipe – to cover exposed pipe (Mr Ing)

Cllr Orton




Defibrillator – investigate cost and Western power





NKDC household questionnaire - distribute on Spotted Facebook page





Moor lane road closure - email Cllr Oxby for update





Hedges around play park to be trimmed - contact Stuart Watt





New bench for play park - Pavilion committee to coordinate

Cllr Orton




Mrs Andrea Riggall     2nd December 2019