Minutes April 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 29thApril 2019

at 7.00pm, Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth




1. Attendance and Apologies



Cllr. Bourne – Chairman                                             

Cllr. Orton – Vice Chairman

Cllr. Burns

Cllr. Foster

Cllr. Hollidge

Cllr. Holmes

Cllr. Sardeson                                                         

Mrs J Bourne - Clerk

Also in attendance:  Cllr. Oxby – LCC. Cllr. Lundgren - NKDC.

4 members of the public


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

The police report stated that during theperiod 30th March to 29th April 2019, there had been 3 reported crimes

  • 31/3/19 – overnight attempt at a building under construction in Station road.
  • 4/4/19 – Overnight theft of power tools from above.
  • 10-12/4/19 -Garage forced at the Plough Inn and removed scrap metal.


Lincolnshire County Council matters:  Cllr. Oxby

Please see annexe Annex 1

A member of the public asked if a temporary bridge would be built next to the existing bridge whilst works were being carried out.  Cllr Oxby replied that this would not be possible as there is not enough room available.  The Clerk informed all of the Bardney Bridge Closure Facebook site where all updates and communication regarding the Bridge closure was posted.


North Kesteven District Council:  Cllr. Lundgren

The buses are running OK with regards to the Bardney Bridge closure.  

Regarding the sewage arrangements for the Rushfield Lakes development (which will be discussed under “Planning”).  The Environmental Agency have stated that they are objecting to the plans.

Access to GP surgeries – ideas to improve this issue would be welcomed.

Due to the impending elections, this may be Cllr Lundgren’s final attendance, but

hopes that he will be re-elected and will continue to serve Potterhanworth village.


3. Public Open Forum

  • A member of the public questioned the content of this month’s police report not including his break-in. 

The Chairman replied that he believed the parishioners break in was included in a previous police report, but as the report does not go into specific details on each crime it is not always possible to identify locations.The Clerk will check this.

The parishioner requested assistance regarding the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The Chairman explained that although the Neighbourhood Watch is not a responsibility of the Parish Council, we are happy to encourage a scheme, and will include a request for volunteers in the Annual Parish Meeting speech.

The Police have stepped up their presence in the village but as they are covering 18 villages, their time and resources are tight.

  • The Chairman thanked all for attending the Litter Pick. It was an excellent turnout, 25 people took part, 26 bags of rubbish were collected.


4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve that the notes of the meeting held on 25 March

2019are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 25th March 2019 be approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.



6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

See attached Table of Actions


7.Correspondence Received.


  • Notice received from LCC regarding 1 extra grass cut per year, gullies to be cleaned at least once per year and 4 extra pothole teams have become available.  The Chairman urged all to continue reporting pot holes – LCC do not check on the state of pot holes, they act on instructions from the reporting of them. 
  • NKDC regarding Rushfield site, specifically the amenity building not resembling the original plans. This was reported to NKDC by the Parish Council.   NKDC have inspected the building and agree the building does not match the plans.  They are awaiting receipt of a further application to amend the approved plans very shortly.

It has also been noticed today that the “other” amenity blockappears to have been moved slightly.Yet again the planning has been changed without a formal application. Hopefully planning enforcement officers who visited the site also picked this up.

There is also an issue regarding 2 containers on the site which the enforcement agents did not see.A parishioner stated that these containers are actually on the site where he applied for an agricultural building, off Barn lane, the middle lane under the back of the site fromthe Heighington road.Apparently, the enforcement team did not go that far.Cllr Lundgren has requested the Enforcement team to revisit the site and he has offered to meet them there to show them the site. He did not hear from them so presumes the containers were found.Cllr Lundgren is led to believe that containers are allowed on a temporary basis without planning permission.There is no evidence at this time to suggest they are linked to the Rushfield site because they are now in an agricultural field.


  • Email from a parishioner regarding burglaries and setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme – this has already been covered and will be mentioned in the APM.
  • Email received from a parishioner questioning the Parish Councils spending on staff wages.  He has requested to know who the PC employs, how much they are paid and the extra “output” achieved by the increased spend.  A reply has been sent explaining that this increase is due to the clerks’ increase in hours of work from 4 to 8 hours per week and the now regular employment of a cleaner, 4 hours per week. Full details regarding the change in the clerks’ hours were made in Minutes of 28th January 2019, as a summary to the closed meeting.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth

19/0356/FUL.  1 Church Farm Cotts., Barff Rd.  1 x dwelling.

Decision:  Unanimous vote against. An Objection will be raised.

19/0398/VARCON.  Rushfield Lakes.  Change to sewage arrangement.

Decision:  Unanimous vote against. An objection will be raised.

19/0325/HOUS.  Mere Oaks, Plough Hill. Demolition of sunhouse.  Build of new one storey sun house.

Decision:  6 Neutral.  1 Supporting.  Neutral.


Planning Decisions for Potterhanworth

18/0608/OUT.  Harbracken appeal.  Dismissed,

Public Footpath No 7 (Potterhanworth)/No 13 (Branston).  Unopposed. Public Path Diversion Act.

It was noted by a Councillor that there had been a demolition of 2 back buildings on 2 semi-detached cottages on Barff road within the conservation area.  It appears there has been no planning application received.  The Clerk will enquire with Planning Enforcement.


9. Pavilion Committee update

At the recent Pavilion Committee meeting, it was agreed to replace the oil tank with a new metal bunded tank, on a concrete base.

A repaint of the outside of the pavilion will take place in July 2019.

The goalposts will be taken out of action as new top soil will be laid to enable ground levelling.

Ground line painting will be required on the larger football pitch to allow a new team to start training there.


10. Finance

  • Accounts were prepared by the Clerk, as per the attached sheet. 


11. Dates 

  • Parish Council and District Council election is on Thursday 2nd May 2019.
  • The Annual Parish Meeting will be on Monday 13th May 2019 and will be a more informal layout, just the Chairman and Clerk will be seated at a table.
  • The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be Monday 20th May2019.
  • European Election is on Thursday 23rd May 2019.
  • Future meetings will be held on: Monday 24th June, Monday 29th July


A follow-on meeting was held to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan and Recommendations Report provided by Ann Skippers, which had been submitted to the Councillors.

In attendance were Full Council and Cllr. Lundgren

The results of this were to forward the comments below:-

  • The NP needs to provide more strength to reject developments where gardens are given up for development.
  • To maintain the character of the village and to keep the maximum limit of 6 properties in any development (within the village boundary – as defined by the current plan), but not all applications up to 6 as we now have! As there is no mention of countryside development, we would like to either include mention of limiting countryside development or to tie this in to the CLLP (Local Plan); which would protect countryside applications and Potterhanworth Booths better as a hamlet.
  • We have recently received an enquiry from NKDC to consider 8 council houses on land adjacent to the village, just off Moor Lane and Fosters Gardens. Some councillors are keen to allow this, as it increases the number of smaller homes in the village, however as our current plan stands it would fail policy 1, although NKDC seem to think they can get this through as an exception site! However, the plan as it stands now seems to preclude such developments and we would be going against our own plans if we were to agree to it. So maybe a modification to the plan in this direction may be worth considering?
  • Due to the recent applications for holiday homes; which could easily become permanent, we would like some mention of a limitation to mobile homes and static caravans (apparently, they are not the same thing!) and other dwellings used by the tourist industry.
  • we need to have a statement included that our NP is seen as part of a hierarchy of plans (CLLP & National Planning Policy) to avoid the planning department picking and choosing when it suits them. It would also allow factors to be considered that are detailed in the CLLP but not our NP.
  • Ann does not feel that defining clear local community support is of benefit, however there is merit in defining this. We have already experienced a developer (NKDC) who did not want to arrange a public meeting; which is part of gaining public support to discuss their intentions. All they wanted to do to demonstrate public support was refer back to the number of applicants for vacant council houses in the area and mention that some had a direct connection to local villages. However, on closer inspection the figures showed only 1 applicant out of 325 had a direct village connection to Potterhanworth. Providing evidence of public support, or at least the opportunity for the public to be aware of a development would assist us for larger developments, particularly if it is a controversial one. A clear understanding of what is required to demonstrate public support would certainly be useful for any development larger than 1 or 2 houses, particularly if the onus is put on the developer. We would then be able to argue far easier whether it had been done or not.
  • Hence from the options that Anne offered Option E is probably the closest, however the detail and wording will need to be carefully worked out.
  • As we have both met our growth target (the original 10%) I am not sure how we get around that for future growth. Do we have to agree a new target to allow some development or as we have met it should we not have to grow anymore? The odd development may still be acceptable and is likely to come in the next 15-20 years! The question is how much do we really now want / need?



B/F and from meeting held on 29th April 2019



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Check accuracy of Police report





Tennis nets – Cllr Orton will firstly clean around the mechanism and if new nets are required, will discuss with Cllr Sardeson to approach the Beer Festival Committee for a grant.


Cllr Orton




Memorial bench - The Clerk will liaise with Highways as to whether any permissions are required.

Clerk is working with Highways





Ongoing. Near completion

19/0150/RESM Battles A late application was received today.   The clerk will request an extension to the expiry date. 





Extraordinary meeting took place 10/4/19.  Comments re shared garden areas added to Planning web site.

Add comments to NKDC Planning Website for 19/0356/FUL, 19/0398/VARCON, 19/0325/HOUS and building on 2 x semi detached cottages on Barff road.





Report several pot holes from top of church hill through to Wasp Nest





Request clarity as to when LCC will be carrying out the extra grass cut.






Mrs Jackie Bourne     4th May 2019