Minutes February 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 25th February 2019

at 7.00pm, Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth




1. Attendance and Apologies



Cllr. Bourne – Chairman                               

Cllr. Orton – Vice Chairman

Cllr. Burns

Cllr. Foster

Cllr. Hollidge

Cllr. Holmes

Cllr. Sardeson                                                           

Mrs J Bourne - Clerk

Also in attendance:  Cllr. Oxby – LCC. Cllr. Lundgren - NKDC.  Cllr. Cucksey – NKDC.

4 members of the public


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

The police report stated that during the period 26th January 2019 to 25th February 2019, there had been two crimes reported;

  1. 26-28th January offenders gained access via the roof, to a garage on Barff Road, nothing was taken.
  2. 27/28th January offenders forced the wooden door to a garage on Main Road, nothing was taken.

We received a reply to the query we made regarding the inaccuracy of crimes reported to the Parish Council.  We have been informed by the Community Beat Manager, that only the crimes he feels are likely to impact on residents as a whole will be reported to the Parish Council. 

The 2 crimes as above had not reached the system of the Community Beat Manager in time for our January meeting.  The Clerk noted that the break in of 16th January, on Barff road, has still not been included in the Community Beat Managers report.


Lincolnshire County Council matters:  Cllr. Oxby

Council basic tax will go up by 2.95%, 2% for adult social care.

The joint Police, Fire and Ambulance service on South Park is on track to open Autumn 2019. 

Two Heritage Super Sites are hoping to be created at Lincoln Castle and The Collection Museum. 

Alternative uses for the Usher Gallery are being considered.  It is hoped that the registration services from Lindum road can be moved to the back offices for wedding ceremonies and citizenships. 

Gainsborough Hall lease runs out in 2020 and will be returned to English Heritage.


Bardney bridge will be re-opened for the Bank Holiday Week-end (19th-22nd April).  It will be closed again from 23rd April.

All up-to date information regarding Bardney bridge closure is available on FB “Bardney Bridge Group” as well as on the Potterhanworth PC website http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Potterhanworth/section.asp?docId=117707




North Kesteven District Council Matters:  Cllr. Cucksey

The Council Tax Support Scheme was supported, where it was agreed to increase the “Empty Homes” premium from 50% to 100%, resulting in a total council tax charge of 200%.   There are far too many houses that are empty and it is hoped this will encourage them to be brought back into use. 

Garden waste collection cost will remain the same at £30 and the collection of bulky items will remain the same.


North Kesteven District Council:  Cllr. Lundgren

Election 2 May 2019.  Nomination packs are now available on NKDC website:  https://www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/residents/electoral-registration-and-elections/forthcoming-election-and-referendum-dates/north-kesteven-district-council-elections-and-parish-and-town-council-elections-2-may-2019/


If any voters have an issue with the Voter ID, they can apply to NKDC beforehand and be supplied with certification which they can take to the polling station.  It is also possible to apply for a postal vote.


There is a lot of litter around the villages.  Please report this as soon as possible to https://www.n-kesteven.gov.uk/residents/waste-recycling-and-environment/report-or-request-a-waste-service/


There is a further planning request due to be forwarded.  The council are requesting to apply for permission to build on their own land at Fosters Garden. Notices have been displayed around the site.  As Potterhanworth does already have its allocation of housing, this area lies outside of the village and it is a development of  more than 6 houses, it is not automatically accepted under our Neighbourhood Plan.  Therefore there should be a consultation with the community as community support is required for this plan to move forward. 

Clarification is required regarding whether these houses will be built with a right to buy, or not. 

Cllr Oxby reported that there is a need for Council housing in the area.  The Chairman would like the reported needs to be proven.   Figures presently show there were 38 people requesting a council house that recently became available.   Clarification is required as to how many of the applications were genuinely linked to the locality and actually wanted to live in/have connections to Potterhanworth or whether they just wanted a house anywhere.


3. Public Open Forum

A member of the public requested clarification of the increase in precept.  The Chairman explained that this is due in part, to the increase in wages, following the extra hours allocated to the clerk.  The clerk is now contracted to work 8 hours per week.

The Chairman also explained there had been a £60 error on the precept calculation.


Cllr Foster had received comments from local children as below:

  • The playing field grass is excessively long.  Cllr. Orton offered to mow it this Saturday 2 March (weather permitting), using the newly serviced pavilion mower. 
  • Nets were required on the football goals.  Cllr. Orton replied that in the past, the nets have been abused, therefore, they have been removed and are in storage.
  • Tennis court – tarmac coating is slippery and the nets are broken.  Cllr Orton replied that he spent 2 hours cleaning 1x6 ft strip, sweeping and trying to clear it.  Now the car park has been completed and the drainage addressed, this should not be a future problem.  However, the tennis courts do now require cleaning. 
  • Cllr Sardeson suggested that a request to the Beer Festival Committee could be made for the tennis court repairs. 
  • The Pavilion Committee will decide how to move forward regarding the cleaning of the tennis courts.


4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve that the notes of the meeting held on 28 January 2019 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 28th January 2019 be approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.



6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

Pavilion Car Park – Work is completed.

School Safety Zone – Consultation  Process has begun, all interested parties will be informed of the plans via Highways

Amend Clerks’ salary and Contract – Completed.

Grants – The Over 60s group grant payment of £150.00 – This has been paid.

Play Park equipment – Cllr Sardeson has supplied measurements and details to Playdale to supply a quote for new equipment.  A visit to the site is not necessary at this stage.


7. Correspondence Received.


Bardney Bridge Closure – regular updates will be posted on “Spotted Potterhanworth and Potterhanworth Booths” and there is also a Facebook page “Bardney Bridge Group” The Potterhanworth PC website will also post updates. http://parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/Potterhanworth/section.asp?docId=117707

Bracebridge Heath Police Station closure – will be closing September 2019.

Memorial bench – a local resident has kindly offered to erect a bench near the bus shelter, overlooking Barff road, in memory of his recently deceased wife.   This letter was received today.  The Clerk will liaise with Highways as to whether permission or specific guidelines need to be followed.

All Parish Councillors have been sent an email by the clerk, including the link above.  Cllr. Holmes has kindly offered to deliver nomination packs on behalf of all councillors on 14th or 15th March.  It is up to all Councillors to liaise with Cllr Holmes to ensure their packs are returned.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth

19/0150/RESM Battles (15/0660/OUT)

Queries raised were; what is happening with the access strip onto Station road and one parking space for each property is not enough.  Stuart Watts, a parishioner and Farm Manager at Battles, was happy to represent the development this evening. 

The Chairman explained to all that this development was originally put out for development in July 2016 when it was granted outline planning permission for 16 dwellings plus 2 full planning permissions for barn conversions and 1 retail outlet with accommodation above it.  Lindum Homes are no longer involved in this application.  There are 4 x 2 bed bungalows, 1 x 2 bed house and 1 x 3 bed house, all which are affordable (plots, 11,12,13,14,15,16).  2 barn conversions – 2 beds, 3 x 3 bed houses, 3 x 4 bed houses, 2 x 4 bed houses, 1 x 2 bed bungalow and 1 shop/flat.

Mr Watts explained to all that the Lindum Homes consultation showed the preference from the village was to keep a shop and have the 21 houses.  Lindum decided they did not want to move forward with this development as the site was not viable for them.  The idea now is to move forward and source another buyer for the site.   Mr Watts addressed the queries as below:

  • Parking spaces – plot 7 has an integral garage and 1 parking space at the front

Plots 8 & 18 have detached garages and one off-road parking space

Driveways on plot 8 & 18 are capable of accommodating an additional car on their driveways.

The Chair suggested that although plot 7 has a garage this cannot really be classed as a parking space and would like to see 2 parking spaces as well as a garage.Mr Watts agreed to discuss this with planners.

Plots 4 & 5 which have the car port; there will not be a rear wall in the car port (although the plan shows that there is).Mr Watts will address this with planners.The Chairman suggested a car port beyond it, where 2 cars would park would probably be sufficient.

  • Plot 1 using the Whitehouse driveway – the Whitehouse access will be maintained so this will be a shared driveway.  The garage block is a shared garage block for the Whitehouse and the shop site.
  • The road going through the development will be duelled.
  • Access way at the rear of plot 15 which goes on Station road.  After a discussion with Ecologists, it is possible that this may be used as part of a plan as a conservation area. 
  • The Chairman suggested that as plot 12, has an extremely large garden, if plots 15 and 16 were moved apart with a space, it could possible make way for a footpath going through to Station road, similar to the footpath on the other part of the site.


Mr Watts informed all that an incorrect drawing has been put forward of plots 11, 12 and 17 – these are being worked on.

Sewage control has been approved with Anglian Water.

The open space near the entrance to the site, will be maintained by the residents employing a management company.They will also look after the conservation strip.

The Chairman reminded all that under our Neighbourhood Plan, we had to achieve a growth figure of 10%, at the time this planning application had already been granted and outlined and all dwellings are counted as part of that.Therefore, this application will not change the overall quantity of houses we have in the village as far as future NKDC growth targets are concerned.

It was resolved to approve this application with comments as above.

The quantities and layout of this application are the same as the original application which was given Outline Planning in July 2016.

19/0189/PNAGR Storage barn, Rushfield – no comments.

Planning Applications Nocton  - None received.

Planning Decisions for Potterhanworth and Nocton – None received.


9. Pavilion Committee update

Cllr Orton will be organising a meeting either on 4 or 11 March to discuss how best to spend the refurbishment funds.Possibilities are; oil tank replacement on concrete base, painting to outside, crockery, hand dryers and a possible extension.Tennis nets and equipment.

CCTV has been serviced.It was requested at that time not to store photos on the CCTV but to use a separate device.


10. Finance

  • Accounts were prepared by the Clerk, as per the attached sheet. 
  • Brightpay accountancy payroll which has in previous years been free for up to 3 members of staff, are now wanting to charge £50 per year for this service.  All agreed this is a service we should continue with and pay for.


11. Dates 

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be Monday 25th March 2019.

Future meetings will be held on: Monday 29th April, Monday 20th May, Monday 24th June, Monday 29th July

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 13th May



Mrs J Bourne,

3rd March 2019




B/F and from meeting held on 28th January 2019



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Clarification is required regarding whether these houses will be built with a right to buy, or not. 

Also, to ask how many applications specified the wish to live specifically in Potterhanworth





Upload draft Parish Meeting Minutes on to Web site





Mow football pitch

Cllr. Orton




Ask Beer Festival for purchase of new tennis nets and related equipment

Cllr Orton




Decide how best to clean tennis courts

Cllr Orton




Bardney Bridge closure – post updates on to Website and Spotted





Memorial bench – Chairman will reply to parishioners email.

The Clerk will liaise with Highways as to whether any permissions are required.






Nomination packs to be completed and given to Cllr. Holmes for delivery on 14th March.  All councillors are to liaise with Cllr. Holmes


All Councillors




Update NKDC Planning

19/0150/RESM Battles (15/0660/OUT





Arrange Pavilion Committee meeting 4th or 11th March to discuss spending of refurbishment funds.

Cllr. Orton




Renew Brightpay software






Mrs Jackie Bourne     3rd March 2019