Minutes March 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 25th March 2019

at 7.00pm, Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth




1. Attendance and Apologies



Cllr. Bourne – Chairman                                 

Cllr. Orton – Vice Chairman

Cllr. Burns – left the meeting at 7.30pm

Cllr. Foster

Cllr. Hollidge

Cllr. Holmes

Cllr. Sardeson                                                           

Mrs J Bourne - Clerk

Also in attendance:  Cllr. Oxby – LCC. Cllr. Lundgren - NKDC.  Cllr. Cucksey – NKDC.

2 members of the public


2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

The police report stated that during the period 25th February 2019 to 25th March 2019, there had been no reported crime.

Cllr Hollidge attended the Police Community Crime Panel (PCCP) meeting.  It cannot be confirmed whether the burglar arrested for the Bracebridge Heath burglaries has any connection to those at Potterhanworth.


Lincolnshire County Council matters:  Cllr. Oxby

Please see annexe A


North Kesteven District Council Matters:  Cllr. Cucksey

Disability grants, funded from Central Government are available.  They are not means tested upto £1800.00.  To apply  contact Adult Social Care on 01522 782155 or the Children with Disabilities Team on 01522 782111

Dwelling rents will decrease by 1% in-line with Government Policy.


North Kesteven District Council:  Cllr. Lundgren

Bardney Bridge issues have resolved themselves.  The revised bus schedule has been published and has been displayed on Facebook (FB) Spotted Potterhanworth and FB Bardney Bridge Closure.

Cllr Lundgren and the Parish Council are happy to support the Chequers Community Group where possible.


3. Public Open Forum

  • The Chequers Group had their first meeting last week.  A further meeting will be held over the next few weeks.  An Agenda item was requested for the Potterhanworth Annual Parish Meeting.
  • The Pavilion Committee met on Monday 18th March. A new oil tank is required.  This will be discussed at a more relevant meeting.
  • Cllr Foster requested documents be loaded on to Website in PDF format.



4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest


5. To resolve that the notes of the meeting held on 25 February

2019 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 25th February 2019 be approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.



6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

See attached Table of Actions


7. Correspondence Received.


  • Email received from a Parishioner requesting that the grass verges now be cut regularly to an acceptable standard.  The Clerk has replied explaining the grass cutting responsibilities of the Parish Council/Highways/NKDC.  
  • Sheepwash Times have given the Parish Council a 400 word slot per month at no cost.  The Clerk will collate a monthly article, with input from the Council.
  • Eagle and Navenby churches have had their lead roofs stolen.
  • Galliford Try have agreed to make a presentation on the Eastern Bypass at the Annual Parish Meeting.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth

19/0298/HOUS.  Inglemere, Plough Hill.  Single storey rear extension.  No objections.


Planning Decisions for Potterhanworth

19/0046/FUL.  Demolition of machinery shed.  Approved.

19/0189/PNAGR.  Storage at Rushfield.  Refused.

A late application 19/0150/RESM was received today and so could not be discussed at the meeting.   The clerk will request an extension to the expiry date.


9. Pavilion Committee update

Following the Pavilion meeting of 18 March, a new oil tank is required and the outside of the building requires painting.Quotes for both are being requested.The plasterer will finish off before the next meeting. Tea pots and crockery are on order.

The new mobile phone, to be used for emergencies, has been placed in the CCTV room. *see post-meeting note.The phone will need recharging monthly at each PC meeting.The cleaner has been informed.

The new GDPR compliant Accident book has replaced the out of date one.


10. Policies



The following Policies have been adopted, reviewed and agreed.  Cllr Hollidge will finish reading them this week and inform the Clerk if he has any concerns

Adoption: Publication Scheme, Complaints, Grants, Grievance, Lone Worker, Communications, Equality and Diversity.

Review: Standing Orders, Financial regulations, Code of Conduct, Risk Management, FOI, GDPR, Data Map, GDPR General Privacy, GDPR Staff, GDPR Data Breach, GDPR Data Protection, Expenses.


11. Finance

  • Accounts were prepared by the Clerk, as per the attached sheet. 
  • Continental – it was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Orton to take out a 3 year fixed contract at an anticipated total saving of £45.60.  All voted in favour.  The Clerk was requested to arrange a first cut ASAP.
  • PVC banner with changeable date for the Annual Parish Meeting at a cost of £50.  This was proposed by the Chairman and seconded by Cllr Hollidge.  All voted in favour.

12. Dates 

  • The Litter Pick will be held on Saturday 27th April at 10.00
  • The next meeting of the Parish Council will be Monday 29th April 2019.
  • Future meetings will be held on: Monday 20th May, Monday 24th June, Monday 29th July
  • The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Monday 13th May



*Post-meeting note:  The mobile phone has been placed on the kitchen window sill.



B/F and from meeting held on 25th March 2019



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


8 x Council houses


The Chairman was informed by NKDC that these houses will not have a “right to buy”, in fact all houses built since 2009 have been rental only. Cllr Lundgren believes that if houses are built by HRA they may be subject to “right to buy”, if built by Lafford Homes then they may not – Cllr Lundgren will obtain clarification.  The present evidence for building specifically in Potterhanworth, is not convincing, particularly as, according to our Neighbourhood Plan, we already have our full housing allocation.  Once this application has gone to Planning, it will then be discussed in a formal manner as with any other planning application and a decision then made.






Upload draft Parish Meeting Minutes on to Web site





The mower belts have burnt out and been replaced.  Cllr Orton will try the mower again and mow the football pitch.


Cllr. Orton




Tennis nets – Cllr Orton will firstly clean around the mechanism and if new nets are required, will discuss with Cllr Sardeson to approach the Beer Festival Committee for a grant.


Cllr Orton




Tennis courts have been cleaned by Cllr Orton


Cllr Orton




Bardney Bridge closure – post updates on to Website and Spotted






Memorial bench - The Clerk will liaise with Highways as to whether any permissions are required.

Clerk is working with Highways






Nomination packs to be completed and given to Cllr. Holmes for delivery on 14th March.  All councillors are to liaise with Cllr. Holmes


All Councillors




19/0150/RESM Battles A late application was received today.   The clerk will request an extension to the expiry date.






Arrange Pavilion Committee meeting 4th or 11th March to discuss spending of refurbishment funds.


Cllr. Orton




Renew Brightpay software - April








Mrs Jackie Bourne     3rd April 2019