Minutes September 2019

Minutes of Meeting held on 30th September 2019

at 7.00pm, Pavilion, Queensway, Potterhanworth




1.Attendance and Apologies


Cllr. Bourne – Chairman                                             

Cllr. Orton – Vice-chairman                                       

Cllr. Burns                                                                             

Cllr. Foster                                                                 

Cllr. Sardeson                                    

Cllr. Watson

Mrs. J Bourne – Clerk


Cllr Hollidge

Cllr Lundgren

Also in attendance:     Cllr. Cucksey – NKDC.

                                    4 members of the public

2. To receive reports from representatives on outside bodies

Police Crime Report

The police report stated there had been no reported crimes from 24th June to 30th August.  A report had not been received for this month. 

NKDC Matters: Cllr. Cucksey.  Please see attached Appendix 1.


3. Public Open Forum

A member of the public raised the issue of Cllr Watson questioning the Council at the July meeting about the Clerks wages.  He believed this is not a subject to be discussed at a public meeting.  The Chairman agreed, this should not have been brought up and Cllr. Watson is now aware of this.  The Clerk has received a personal apology from Cllr. Watson.

Cllr Sardeson has noticed that the dog bin and footpath sign were flattened on Barff Road recently.  It is unknown how this was caused, Cllr Sardeson will check with local farmers.

The Chairman requested Mr Holmes to lead the erection of the Christmas tree along with Mr Stuart Watt.  Mr Holmes confirmed this.  The Clerk will inform Mr Holmes of the delivery date and he will liaise with Mr Watt.

The gardener is unable to continue with the Memorial gardening.  The Clerk will advertise for a replacement.


4. To receive Declaration of Pecuniary Interest



5. To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 29 July 2019 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 29th July 2019 be approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.



6. Matters Arising from previous minutes

  • School Safety Zone.  The Regulation and Planning Committee Review has been put back to 7th October 2019 due to the need of a further site visit.
  • Parking overhanging driveway on Barf road has been resolved.
  • Horsebox was sold for £350.
  • Lawnmower belts have been purchased and ready to the fitted by Cllr. Orton.
  • Bus shelter light bulbs have been replaced by Cllr. Orton
  • Bus shelter grant has been sent off.  A site visit will take place in October.
  • Mole man has been visiting playing fields twice weekly.
  • TSB forms for additional signatories have been received from Cllr. Orton and Cllr. Sardeson will complete one for a later date.
  • Accident book has been completed
  • Strimming around troughs and flowers has been completed.
  • Defibrillator warning has not gone off.  We will monitor.
  • Exposed pipe at oil tank.  Cllr Orton will look at working on this.
  • The Expenses policy has been amended in line with the clerk’s contract.  The Policy now reads, Councillors and Clerk may claim travel expenses.  It now also states, “The Clerk will require authorisation from the Chairman and Vice chairman to attend any courses and approved duties for which over-time payment is necessary.”  All present agreed to this amendment to The Expenses Policy.


Cllr Watson questioned how the clerk had claimed expenses previously if the expenses policy did not include the clerk.The Chairman explained that the clerk’s terms and conditions clearly state that she may claim expenses alongside councillors, according to the expense policy. The Clerk had already informed Cllr Watson of this by email. The only oversight was that “Clerk” was not included on the policy, which was a simple oversight that has now been rectified.Nevertheless, Cllr Watson requested these details be included in the minutes.Cllr. Watson also requested details of all expenses claimed by the clerk, prior to the policy being amended.Cllr. Watson was advised that all expenses claimed had already been published on the monthly accounts presented at previous meetings. These are all available on line too.


  • Cllr. Watson suggested that a personnel committee would be beneficial to the Parish Council.  Cllr Orton reminded him that the whole council meets to discuss any personnel issues, therefore a personnel committee is unnecessary.
  • Neighbourhood Plan (NP) Update:  It was agreed by all present that we would pay for half the cost of the Consultant’s fee (Nocton would pay the other half).    

Nocton have decided not to proceed with any further amendments to the NP and will leave it as it is. It was agreed by all present that Potterhanworth would not proceed with any further amendments to the NP.

Our NP does still exist and will stand until 2036.



Correspondence Received.


  • The British National Ploughmen Championships will be held at Nocton on 12-13 October.
  • Play park funding.  Cllr Watson enquired into the possibly of setting up a Parents Committee to organise funding for a new play park as Cllr. Foster had received an enquiry from one of the parents in the village.

Cllr Watson is aware of parents in the village who are keen to try and improve the play area.An Occupational Therapist has completed a study into the benefits of play to education with a view to potentially taking that forward to a number of local funding schemes that might be able to provide some money.

The costs of 4 items the PC has already researched equate to around £44,000 and include a log cabin to climb, 3m cone climber, rota bounce and a runway/zipwire.

A member of the public suggested using a Grant Consultant on a no grant no fee basis and using the payment associated with the solar farm as a seed fund.The income from the solar project will not become available until work commences on the project, so is not a guaranteed income. The Chairman informed all that several years ago the Parish Council did agree to fund a non-Parish Council member to attend a grant raising course, but the person concerned decided not to pursue this.

A member of the public reminded all that the play park that is standing now was funded by the Parish Council in the 1990s with a 50% grant from the Foundation for Sport and Arts.

Cllr Watson agreed to offer assistance with this group and requested Cllr. Foster contact Emma and use Cllr. Watson as a point of contact.

The Council agreed for a non Parish Council group to research into grants and we can lend assistance as and when needed.The Group could start the ball rolling with research into what they would like to purchase and how they plan to raise the funds and come back to us with details of grant consultations and costs.Regarding finance, no decision affecting Parish Council funds can be made without bringing information back to this meeting.

The Parish Council are happy to support this project as they have always supported the play park, but we currently do not have a budget to purchase these items.

  • Branston Community Library – invitation to the PC to attend their Event on 5/10/19 from 10.00.
  • New Street numbering.  New property on Moor Lane, LN42DZ will be known as The Lodge
  • Flooding at Station Road.  The Clerk has received an email from Cllr. Oxby to confirm that Highways will be bringing forward the repair works.  An actual date has not yet been given.


8. Planning Applications received

Planning Applications Potterhanworth

19/1044/HOUS.  The Rise, Plough hill. Sun house extension.  No objections

19/0859/HOUS.  West Barn, 1 Church Ln. Garage conversion.  No objections

19/1284/TPO. T1 ash crown lift to 3m, deadwood and clear building by 1m. 5 Rectory Cl.  No objections.

19/0398/VARCON, Rushfield. Variation cond. 9. Mains sewage, cost justification.

All agreed there are no objections and this solution is in the hands of the Environmental Agency, but to emphasise that the solution given is just a 4 year solution and what is proposed after that.

19/1230/ADV. Rushfield.  External illuminated sign.  No objections

19/1266/HOUS.  11 The Park.  2 storey back extension.  No objections

19/1229/FUL.  Hanworth.  Part-retrospective.  Store/fence.  No objections.

19/0356/FUL.  1 Church Farm Cot.  Heritage Statement.  No change to our original objection.


Decision Notices

19/0930/RESM.  Land south of Station road.  Approved

19/0639/FUL.  Land off Moor Lane.  Caravan storage.  Approved

19/0876/FUL.  Land rear of Moor Lane.  8 council houses.  Approved


9. Pavilion Committee update


The cleaner has resigned.The Clerk will re-advertise.


10. Finance

August 2019

September 2019

All Payments total = £1,358.18

All Payments total = £1,092.73

Balance total = £17,734.64

Balance total = £16,641.91

NS & I balance = £12,884.56

NS & I balance = £12,8884.56

Payments to agree:

  • CCTV registration with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) £35.  All agreed payment to be made.  Clerk will forward payment details to Cllr Orton so payment can be made from the pavilion account.
  • Christmas tree.  All agreed to pay this at a cost of £200 +VAT.
  • New dog mess signs.  All agreed to purchase new signs. (1 dog prohibited sign at play park, rigid one on pavilion wall.  One at each entrance, Queensway court and Queensway.  Total of 4.   Max cost of £100
  • Wreath for Remembrance Day.  It was agreed by all to raise our donation to £50.

11. Dates

  • Date of next meeting:  28th October 2019
  • Future meetings: 2019: 25th November.

2020:27th January, 24th February, 30th March, 27th April, (11th May Annual Parish Meeting), 18th May, 29th June, 27th July

  • Village Walk and play park works.  Saturday 19th October. 10.00 at bus shelter, followed by play park works.  Cllr Orton will organise paint and equipment for works.  Clerk will email Cllr Orton the list of works for the play park.  A limit of £200 was agreed to cover paint and equipment.



The Chairman ended the meeting by informing all that the Clerk has today resigned.  Her final day in post will be 29th October.  The clerk will cover the position for a reasonable time until a suitable replacement has been recruited.

A senior member of the public advised the clerk that if her reasons for leaving are due to her relationship not being as it should be with a member of the Parish Council, then she should seek advice from the NKDC Monitoring Officer.

The parishioner thanked the clerk for all the hard work she has done for the Parish Council.  He said she has been a first-rate clerk and all within the parish have a vote of confidence in her.  We are very sorry that you are resigning.

The Chairman and Clerk thanked the parishioner for his kind words.




B/F and from meeting held on 30thSeptember 2019



Resp. Person

Start date

Finish date


Neighbourhood Plan (NP) 50% of invoice to be paid to Nocton PC.  Inform Nocton PC that Potterhanworth have agreed not to amend the present policy any further.












Lawn Mower – To fit new belts


Cllr. Orton




School Safety Zone – Clerk to enquire as to result of The Regulation and Planning Committee Review





Bus Shelter Grant – Clerk will enquire





Clerk/Chair meeting Transport and Safety Off. 23/10/19

Fix and re-site dog waste bin and footpath sign

Cllr Sardeson




Christmas Tree to purchase and liaise with Mr Holmes and Stuart re delivery and erection





Gardener – vacancy to advertise






Clerk – vacancy to advertise





Cleaner – vacancy to advertise





Play park committee – initiate contact with Emma to form committee

Cllr. Foster & Cllr Watson




TSB forms to be collected and sent to bank

Cllr Sardeson and Clerk




Oil tank pipe – to cover exposed pipe

Cllr Sardeson




Expense Policy – add to file and upload to web site





Wreath – to order





Mrs Jackie Bourne     18th October 2019