Minutes September 2021








Cllr Nigel Sardeson – Chairman

Cllr Paul Burns     

Cllr Nick Foster                                         

Cllr Ami Clarke     

Cllr Annabel Battle                                   

Andrea Riggall - Clerk                                         

Bob Spence - Responsible Financial Officer  


In attendance:

Cllr Lundgren -North Kesteven District Council

Cllr Ian Carrington -Lincolnshire County Council

1 member of the public                                           




Welcome and apologies

The Chair welcomed all in attendance.

Apologies were received from Cllr Andy Watson and Cllr Martin Ott. Apologies were also received from NKDC representative Cllr Cucksey.


Declarations of pecuniary interest

Cllr Battle highlighted that planning application 21/1351/TCA referenced FG Battle and Sons and therefore declared an interest.



Reports received from representatives of outside bodies

LCC Matters:

Cllr Carrington. Please see attached Appendix 1.

Cllr Sardeson raised the issue of potential flooding on Barff Road due to run off and restrictions of natural watercourses. Cllr Clarke also raised concerns about Moor Lane. Cllr Carrington will meet with Cllr Sardeson in the village to look at areas of concern.

Cllr Foster raised concern about the potential Nuclear Storage site at Theddlethorpe.

NKDC Matters:

Cllr Lundgren: Purple lidded bins are now being used for paper and card across NKDC. This is a positive step forward for recycling in the district. Help is still available from NKDC for those affected by Covid. NKDC is involved in the resettlement of people from Afghanistan and the importance of integration into communities was highlighted. Help is available from NKDC for veterans from Afghanistan.

The current situation with limited fuel supplies was discussed. LCC have their own supplies available for their vehicles, so services should not be affected.    

Police crime report:

June 2021: 1 crime reported of violence of sexual offences on or near Fosters Gardens

July 2021. 1 vehicle crime was reported on Main Road. 1 bicycle theft was reported on Queensway.

The clerk has been in contact with the Safer Together coordinator for North Kesteven and it is hoped that she will be able to attend the next Parish meeting to discuss how crimes are reported. The clerk has also discussed incidents in Potterhanworth with PC Matt Roberts, the community beat manager for this area. Any crimes or antisocial behaviour should be reported by calling 101 as this is the only way that police presence would be increased in the area.






Public Open Forum

Mr Holmes explained that following a delay the hedges around the Playing field will be cut in November. There have also been issues with NKDC not emptying the Pavilion bins, it is now hoped that this issue has been resolved.

A representative from the Autumn festival spoke of how successful it was and thanked all those involved.






To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 26 July 2021 are approved as the Minutes

It was resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 26 July 2021 be approved as a correct record and will be signed by the Chairman.




Clerk and Councillor’s report on matters outstanding

The play equipment painting has not yet been completed. The state of the War memorial area was highlighted. This area will need to be cleared before Remembrance Sunday. The Clerk will contact Lincs Garden Services to request this work is completed.

 A member of the parish has kindly been maintaining the flower boxes on the edges of Potterhanworth and Potterhanworth Booths. Some of the plants have now died and it will be necessary to replace them in the spring. Cllr Foster also suggested that it may be beneficial to ask for volunteers to help maintain the boxes going forward. Following on from No Mow May it was highlighted that new bulbs will need to be planted. Cllr Foster will look to purchase bulbs for around the trees in the centre of the village and the triangle area in front of the church.

Due to the current situation the Annual Parish meeting was postponed from May until September, due to a number of factors the meeting will now be arranged for May 2022.









Correspondence received

A member of the public requested information on the green letterbox outside Yew Tree Cottage on the junction of Station Road and Moor Lane. The letterbox was purchased by the previous residents and it of no historical significance.






Queens Platinum Jubilee

The Queens Platinum Jubilee will take place next year. There will be a long bank holiday weekend 2-5 June 2022. It is hoped that a community group will be set up to lead on this. This will be included in the January Parish Council meeting and will be promoted in The Grapevine.




 Cllr Battle spoke about the background work which is being done with the Church on this project. The flagpole will be erected to commemorate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.  It was initially assumed that a 6m pole would be sufficient, but it is now apparent that an 8 or 9m pole may be needed. This will lead to an increase in costs which will be shared with the Church. The size of the flagpole was discussed, and further checks will take place before this is finalised. It is still hoped that members of the community will donate the cost of the flags.

The Parish Council agreed to pay in the region of £1,000.


Village Sign

The Village sign has been temporarily removed as repairs are needed. Mr Holmes has found a specialist joiner who is able to replace the wooden edging. An artist is needed to work on repairs to the sign. Mr Holmes will approach a local artist to see if they are able to assist.





Orchard and Community Wildlife grant

The Parish Council has been successful in getting a £500 Community Wildlife Grant from Lincolnshire County Council towards planting the parish orchard. The trees will now be ordered and planted between December and March. Cllr Clarke will approach the school to see if the children are able to help with the planting.


Potential textile bank

ASCTO a Lincolnshire based textile recycling company would like to place a textile bank in Potterhanworth. The Parish Council will receive a percentage of the profits made from this. The Clerk contacted Heighington Parish Council, as they have an existing bank, and they spoke highly of the service they received. The Parish Council agreed to the placing of a bank in the Pavilion carpark. The Parish Clerk will speak to the Pavilion committee to agree the exact location.


Planning Applications received since last meeting

21/1351/TCA FG Battle & Sons, Cross Street - T1 Maple Tree (front of bungalow on Middle Street) - reduce overall height and spread by 1-2metres, Crown lift by 3metres, clear BT cable and crown clean out - This was discussed by the Parish councillors and no objections were made.

Decision notice

21/0211/VARCON Hanworth Park. Application to vary condition 3 of 17/1818/FUL to allow the holiday/visitor accommodation (static caravans) to be occupied without reference to a maximum stay of no more than 28 days with no return for 28 day, but retaining a restriction that they be used for holiday purposes only and not to be occupied as a sole or main residence (Resubmission of 20/1536/VARCON) -Approved







Monthly Risk Assessment

Hybrid meetings were discussed. The High Court ruled that virtual or hybrid meetings could not take place after 7 May 2021. It was noted that this is disappointing to some, as more members of the public may be willing to attend remotely. In addition to being unable to hold meetings in a hybrid manner the Pavilion does not currently have WiFi. The potential benefits of this were discussed and this will be considered further at the next meeting.






Purchase of Remembrance Day wreath

The Parish Council agreed to the purchase of a Remembrance Day wreath.



Purchase of Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has been purchased in recent years from Doddington Hall. Parish Councillors will consider whether alternative local Christmas tree growers are available. The Parish Council agreed to the purchase of a Christmas tree.



September 2021

All Payments total = £1,579.43

Balance total = £31,898.09

NS & I balance = £13,161.13






Any Other Business

Cllr Clarke gave an update on the Playpark committee. A survey is planned to establish what is needed. Grant applications can then be submitted.

Cllr Clarke spoke about a pumpkin competition for Halloween. It is hoped that local businesses will be able to support this venture. 

The clerk spoke about the lights being off in the bus shelter. Cllr Foster has been adjusting the timing on the War Memorial, this may be connected. Further checks will be made to ensure they come on at sunset.





Date and time of next meeting           Monday 25 October 2021, 7:00pm



Appendix 1. Cllr Carrington. LCC report 2021

LCC Briefing Note September 2021

Strategic Roadworks

- Pelham Bridge re-opened in late August after 11 weeks of programmed repairs and refurbishment. Whilst the works were in hand the opportunity was also taken to resurface parts of Canwick Road. Pelham Bridge is one of the busiest of the 1500 bridges maintained by LCC, and proved to be in worse condition than expected. It is now fully renewed.

- A15 repairs are now completed with a smooth road surface from Lincoln to Sleaford and no further diversions

- Works continue on the major improvements to the Holdingham Roundabout – the project is on time and on budget.

Climate Change

Residents have contributed views on climate change via a county-wide survey which has just closed. Results will inform a major Climate Summit being organised by LCC in October to draw together partners to explore ways of cooperating in achieving net zero and feed into the developing climate action plan.

A series of free virtual events will be running from 20 September, ahead of the Climate Summit event. These will cover a range of topics on how to be more sustainable at both work and home.


Date Webinar

Monday 20 September

10am - 11.30am Make your business energy efficient

Tuesday 21 September

11am - 12.30pm Sustainable transport for your business

Wednesday 22 September

6pm - 7.30pm Community-led climate action

Thursday 23 September

6pm - 7.30pm Create a low carbon home

For more information or to sign up, visit www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/green-masterplan

‘Natasha’s Law’:

Lincolnshire Trading Standards is encouraging businesses to prepare for upcoming allergen labelling changes. On 1 October 2021 the law on allergen labelling for prepacked for direct

sale (PPDS) foods will change. This means that any food business selling prepacked foods for direct sale will have to include full ingredients on the product label with allergenic ingredients emphasised within that list. Prepacked foods can include salads and sandwiches that customers select themselves, pre-wrapped foods kept behind a counter, as well as some products packaged and sold at mobile or temporary outlets.

To register for the prepacked foods webinar, please visit ppdsbusiness.fsaevents.co.uk/home#register. Lincolnshire businesses reminded about allergen law change

Development Fund - Drainage Investigations and Flood Repairs

Funding to the value of £2.2 million (capital £2m, revenue £200k) has been made available to address drainage and flooding issues in Lincolnshire. A programme of works has been developed in collaboration between the Floods Team and Highways to be delivered over financial years 2020/21 and 2021/22 with overall spend to be completed by March 2022.

Improve support for autistic people and their carers in Lincolnshire

A new project is working to ensure that autistic people in the county get the support they need to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives.

The Lincolnshire Autism Partnership Board is asking autistic people, their families and carers for their views on how to ensure the county is a place that respects all autistic people and offers them the right support at the right time.

The feedback will be used to shape Lincolnshire's new five-year All Age Autism Strategy and action plan, ensuring it addresses the concerns that are most important to autistic people and their families. Help improve support for autistic people and their carers in Lincolnshire

Theddlethorpe Nuclear Storage

The project is being led by Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) who are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). LCC has been invited to join a work group of various local bodies to explore the implications of the scheme – the invitation will be considered by the LCC Executive Board on 5th October. However LCC will not be a decision maker. Whether or not the site is put forward for consideration by RWM will be up to local residents.

Employment and Skills

LCC is in the final stages of preparing an Employment & Skills Strategy and action plan. Improving the skills and training of Lincolnshire's workforce is critical to long term economic development and residents' prosperity. This work will set out practical steps involving a range of partners to identify key skills areas and the practical means of developing them.