Minutes September 2022


Cllr Nigel Sardeson -Chairman

Cllr Ami Clarke -Vice Chair

Cllr Paul Burns

Cllr Nick Foster

Cllr Martin Ott                                          

Cllr Sarah Copsey              

Bob Spence -Responsible Financial Officer


In attendance:

Cllr Ray Cucksey -North Kesteven District Council       

Cllr Peter Lundgren -North Kesteven District Council

PC Matt Roberts & PCSO

2 members of the public   











Welcome and apologies


The Chair welcomed all in attendance.


Apologies received from the Clerk & Cllr Ian Carrington






Declarations of pecuniary interest




















Reports received from representatives of outside bodies


NKDC Matters:

Cllr Cucksey. Please see attached Appendix 1.


Cllr Lundgren. The current issues with the Cost of Living crisis is concerning and anyone who may be struggling are advised to reach out for help. North Kesteven District Council are a good first point of contact and may be able to signpost to further help if needed. Parish Councillors are looking at how to provide support within the village this winter.


Police crime report:

1 crime reported in June: other theft reported in Potterhanworth Booths.

PC Matt Roberts was in attendance and began by explaining that a Police vacancy is currently in the process of being filled which will hopefully enable more time to be spent on upcoming priorities in the next quarter. Drug use and shoplifting are current priorities. Speeding issues were discussed, police are aware of motorbikes travelling through the village for a regular bike night. The specialist traffic team have been in attendance recently on Station Road.

Cllr Copsey discussed the issues with antisocial behaviour amongst youths in the village and the current applications for funding for new equipment in the village. Statistics for antisocial behaviour are unavailable but PC Roberts suggested contacting the Police Crime Commissioner as funding may be available for local projects.

The lack of rural policing with more focus on the police coverage in Lincoln was discussed. The Parish Council will raise these issues with the Police Crime Commissioner.



















Public Open Forum


A member of the Pavilion Committee raised the issue of CCTV with PC Roberts. PC Roberts discussed the issue of being clear about who is in control of the CCTV. It is preferable if the Clerk or another employee of the Parish Council is responsible. It was suggested that the ICO are consulted to find the best way forward.


A member of the public raised the issue of the football team and their departure from the village. They were given a Parish grant at the start of the year and the Chairman has been in contact with them about this, they explained how the money was spent and how they were subsequently offered facilities at an alternative village.
















To resolve, notes of the meeting held on 25 July 2022 are approved as the Minutes


The minutes of the meeting held on 25 July 2022 were approved as a correct record and were signed by the Chairman.















Clerk and Councillor’s report on matters outstanding


Cllr Clarke will shortly be meeting with the Lincolnshire road safety partnership to discuss moving speed signs on Moor Lane and Nocton Road.


Branston Solar farm have been in contact as they are in a position to provide solar panels for the Pavilion.





















Correspondence received


Anglia Water have proposed a new reservoir which will be located south of Sleaford.


A new Scout group is being set up in the village. The leader has offered to support village events going forward.


NKDC planning have been in contact querying the location of 25 significant unlisted buildings which have been noted in the neighbourhood plan.


The contact for the allotment is now Joan Dalton on tel. 07866 007640


The school have been in contact as a time capsule has been found within the school. Letters and a newspaper article have between found with the capsule dated as 1900.













Parish Councillor vacancy


Cllr Battle has stepped down due to family commitments. NKDC have been notified and parishioners have until 30 September to request an election. If no election is called the vacancy will then be advertised.











RAF Waddington consultation


The Parish Council have been consulted on proposed changes to the airspace. This consultation will remain open until November.












Village maintenance person & grass cutting

The Chairman is currently creating a list of tasks required. It was discussed whether to appoint someone on a permanent basis, but it was agreed that someone self-employed would be a better option.











Playpark update


Leaflets and questionnaires have been sent out in the Grapevine and online. A focus group have met and there has been a very positive response. Cllr Copsey highlighted the importance of village facilities particularly for those without their own transport.










Pavilion Committee


The Parish Council hold the deeds to the building and there are only a few years left to pay on the mortgage.


The RFO shared the Pavilion accounts for 2021/22 which have been reviewed, audited, and summarised.


The Pavilion chairman shared plans for the future. The building will shortly be painted, they have considered extending the building and are looking to arrange the CCTV. Other suggestions were made including extra seating and a covered area to provide shade and protection from rain. A path directly to the park would be beneficial for pushchairs and disabled access.







Planning Applications received since last meeting











Monthly Risk Assessment














September 2022

All Payments total = £1,488

Balance total = £37,464

NS & I balance = £13,162.45











Any Other Business


Cllr Copsey & Cllr Sardeson discussed ways to support Parishioners through the winter. A subgroup to include the Parish council, the Church, Culfrey trust, over 60’s and families with young families could be created. This will be discussed further at the next meeting.








Date and time of next meeting           Monday 31 October 2022, 7:00pm




Appendix 1. Cllr. Ray Cucksey –September 2022 NKDC Report

The Council’s Annual Report 2021/22 has been approved and is available to view on the council’s website. The Annual Report contains information regarding the financial performance of the General Fund, Housing Revenue Account and Capital Programme for the financial year 2021/22. The report highlights a prosperous, sustainable District, delivered through effective and efficient public services that meet local priorities, the challenge of climate change and recovery from the economic and social impacts of Covid-19.

UK Shared Prosperity Fund is a national funding scheme that was launched in April 2022 to support the Government’s Levelling Up agenda. Through this scheme, North Kesteven District Council has received an allocation of £3,195,139 and is subject to the submission of a 3-year investment plan.   The investment plan was submitted to Government on the 1st of August 2022, within the plan several projects were identified to be delivered within the timeframe of the funding. The delivery of the plan is challenging, working to a tight deadline and constrained requirements. The Plan must be realistic and respond to the needs of the community, the district's challenges and opportunities. Activities in it must be deliverable and meet one or more of the priorities. The funding can be used for a mixture of capital and revenue projects. These projects need to align with the investment priorities identified by Government under three broad themes. Community and Place, Supporting Local Business and People and Skills. 

The NK Plan 2022-25 was prepared following consultation with residents, businesses, partners and colleagues. The NK Plan responds to the main challenges facing the district, ensuring that the Council uses its resources and influence to deliver priorities and services needed by communities across North Kesteven aligning to the Council’s vision of ‘A district of flourishing communities

Localised Council Tax Support Scheme 2023/24 The Executive Board at their meeting recently approved a period of consultation for the CT Support scheme. Every Billing Authority must consider whether it will revise its Council Tax Support scheme by 31stJanuary every year and allow a period of consultation with its major preceptors and other stakeholders before it is approved by the full Council.